The smarter way to manage revenue cycle

The only healthcare revenue cycle technology designed with transparency in mind. Shift makes it easy to build transparency and automation into workflows, letting your practice focus on patients
Maximize Collections

Shift automates real-time eligibility, calculates patient responsibility, and collects payment before a patient gets to the office. Our doctors collect 30% more. 

Build Patient

Increase retention and build trust through automated pre-visit communication. 91% of patients don't know what an insurance deductible is. Shift automates pre-visit outreach  helping to educate the patient on their out of pocket responsibility

Automate Routine Tasks

Healthcare's revenue cycle is full of old technologies and manual processes accounting for up to 82% of errors. Shift uses the latest in AI technologies to prevent manual errors that result in expensive denials. The average denial will cost your practice $118/denial


How it works


Shift uses real-time eligibility and practice data to generate the most accurate patient and payer responsibility. 


Automation never goes on vacation. Shift's revenue cycle automation tools can improve collections, decrease denials, and decrease workload for your team.


Are you ready to collect more revenue from patients and payers?