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What if your medical billing team had an assistant to make them 10x more productive?
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Team up with an AI Co-pilot to achieve extraordinary results

The Shift Health AI Co-pilot uses Generative AI to read  encounter notes, generate codes, and explain its rationale helping your billing team move faster and stop underbilling,  Automate coding and payment workflows in weeks not months.

>20% increase in collections

>10x more claims submitted per hour

>98% more accurate

>1000's of hours saved every year

Our customers see:
70% Less EHR Time
10x Improved Efficiency
1000's of Hours Saved

AI-powered solutions for medical billing teams

See how it works

01. Connect
Our platform exposes your most mundane and repetitive tasks to help you prioritize your automation builds and realize ROI in months not years.
02. Automate
Robotic process automation eliminates the healthcare interoperability barrier. It allows automation to interact with your EHR in the same way your staff does. Create scalable, enterprise grade automations quickly. Use our pre-build templates for even faster results.
03. Innovate
Build automations faster and get more done, no engineering team required! Run your automated workflows on a schedule or on-demand with the click of a button.

Integrate the best
tools and apps

Modern design incorporates various devices such panels,
hover effects, and carousels

Explore automation templates built specifically for healthcare.

Discover the growing number of healthcare organizations finding a better way of getting work done with intelligent automation
Post payments to EHR
Automate the process for posting payments to your EHR
Request patient payment
Automatically send patients a personalized payment request for outstanding balance
RTE Request and posting
Fully automate RTE and post discrete data to your EHR
Find critical data errors
Eliminate costly data errors across EHR, payer, and government systems
Create patient alerts
Automatically create personalized patient alerts in your EHR
Notify patient insurance
Automatically engagement patients over sms to correct insurance data
Check prior auth status
Automates the lookup of patient prior auth status and updates EHR
Recall patients
Automatically engage patients via SMS or email by recall criteria
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300% >
In under 6 months

70% >
Reduction in manual tasks

Up to 20x faster execution

“The Shift Health AI-Assistant helps our billing team quickly code accurate, consistent, and error free claims in less than half the time”
Adam R.
“Automating the data entry for new patient forms has been a game changer. Our MA's now have time to focus on the patient”
Enterprise Spine & Pain Center
-Director of Revenue Cycle

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