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Medicaid Portal Automation

May 2, 2023

by Colby Fosmark

Daily Medicaid checks are time consuming on your staff but are crucial to reimbursement.  We have been able to help our clinics offload this important task from their staff so they are able to focus more on the processes that take real brain power.  

Medicaid eligibility verification helps providers submit a clean claim that can aid in avoiding any re-submissions, reduction in denials and increasing upfront collections.  Real-time verification will lead to improved medical billing and overall increased patient and employee satisfaction.  

Are Millions about to lose their Medicaid Coverage?

During Covid-19, the HHS made allowances to include more of the population in Medicaid coverage.  These allowances ended on April 11, 2023 and put millions at risk of losing their Medicaid coverage.  

In a recent Shift Health case, we found that on average 3% of patients did not have the appropriate medicaid coverage that resulted in $96,000 in uncompensated care for a healthcare clinic. With the impending loss of appropriate coverage, this number is certain to increase.  

Shift Health has a 99% success rate in locating the right benefits data and detecting critical coverage issues. 

By using our automated workflow, you can have your patients’ medicaid benefits verified every morning before you walk into the building.  Shift Health can send messages to patients regarding any gaps in coverage and let them know that they need to call the clinic asap.  

Automating the medicaid verification checks have saved our customers time and decreased loss of compensation.  

Some of the items we are able to verify and place back into your EMR can include:

  1. Medicaid claims address and phone number
  2. Medicaid Policy Number
  3. Exact name of the insured
  4. Relationship of the patient with the insured
  5. Effective start date of the Medicaid policy
  6. Effective end date
  7. Whether the coverage is presently active
  8. Notes attached to the account

You can be up and running on this workflow in as little as 2 weeks.  Let Shift Health help you off-load yourdaily medicaid checks and get your staff focused on the human interaction that healthcare is all about!