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What can your billing team accomplish with an AI Copilot?

May 10, 2023

By Eric Hall

How does increased speed and accuracy of your medical coding processes while reducing costs sound?  Automating medical coding can be a great way to streamline your pain clinic and improve efficiency. Medical coding is the process of translating medical diagnoses, procedures, and treatments into numeric or alphanumeric codes for billing and record-keeping purposes. It can be a time-consuming and complex task, especially in a pain clinic where there are often multiple treatments and procedures involved.

By automating medical coding, you can reduce the amount of time and resources needed to perform this task manually. Automated coding software can quickly and accurately assign the appropriate codes to each patient encounter, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving the accuracy of your billing and record-keeping.

Shift Health can help you implement automated coding into your pain clinic in a few short weeks.  Our system is designed to work with cloud-based EMR’s.  We train our AI technology to work within your current EMR in the process.  You will receive reports on completed work and any errors that are identified.   

Overall, automating medical coding can be a valuable way to streamline your pain clinic, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors.