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Use an AI assistant to Help Collect More Than 80% of Patient Payments in Days Not Months

September 1, 2023

by Colby Fosmark

Increase your clinic efficiency and reduce your collection times by automating patient payments.

By automating your payment processes, organizations can:

  • Reduce collection times from months to days
  • Reduce costs related to paper statements
  • Structure the patient payment process to be 80% self-service
  • Reduce errors related to payment posting

Here are some steps you can follow to use automation for patient payments:

  1. Give your patients the option to receive balances and pay via SMS and payment links, which we can automate!
  2. Work with Shift Health to develop automation workflows: these workflows should be designed to mimic the steps that a human would take to complete the task.
  3. Test and refine the workflows: Once we have developed the workflows, we will test them thoroughly to ensure that they are working as expected.
  4. Implement the payment workflows: Once the workflows have been tested and refined, we will implement them in your payment processing system and ensure they are running automatically daily.
  5. Monitor and optimize the workflows: You will receive daily reports from Shift Health notifying you of the work your automation has completed and any errors that may have occurred.  We will continually optimize the workflows as necessary to ensure that they continue to meet your organization's needs.

Using automation for your patient payment strategy can help organizations streamline their patient AR, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Let’s discuss automating payment processing in your organization with Shift Health.